IWKA Wing Tjun Coventry

AT7 Centre 12 Bell Green Rd, , Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 7GP.

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Kids Grades

Kids Grades

Kids Grades

Fusion Grades

White Sash  – White belt basics

Yellow Sash – Kickboxing – Nunchuku

Orange Sash –  Partner Training – Escrima

Red Sash – Flight Training – Nunchuku x2

Red Tag – Self defence  – Escrima x2

Green Sash – Karate – Sai x2

Green Tag – Shaolin Kung Fu Animals – Broadsword

Blue Sash – Muay Thai – Bo Staff

Blue Tag – Judo –  Bo Staff x2

Purple Sash – Taekwondo – Katana

Purple Tag – Capoeira – Tonfa

Brown Sash – Brazilian Ju Jitsu – Double Broadsword

Brown Tag – Ninjitsu – Kamas

Black belt – 30 Move form with bits from each martial art and 30 moves with weapons which they choose and create their own form.

Wing Tjun

Grade 1, 2 ,3


  • Your first steps on the road to your black belt
  • Preparing you for your potential upgrade or Basic Class

Skills Acquired

  • Improve body coordination, speed and accuracy
  • The ability to defend yourself against basic punching and kicking attacks
  • Measurable improvement in overall fitness level
  • The basic skill in one arm sensitivity in folding and bending

Grade 4, 5, 6



  • Domain of leadership and Basic Class
  • Your doorway to the intermediate IWKA System Level

Skills acquired

  • Able to defend basic boxing attacks, straight and curved
  • The skill of using the elbow and knee in defence and offence
  • The basic sensitivity with two arms in folding and bending
  • Noticeable difference in basic body structure and momentum handling and overall fitness level

Grade 7, 8 ,9


  • Expanding on the sensitivity and basic introduction into the internal part of the IWKA System
  • Basic understanding of the six Core Elements

Skills Acquired

  • Expanding basic flexibility, sensitivity and reflexes
  • Acquired the first steps of the internal skill
  • Basic ground fighting skill, giving you the ability to defend yourself when being position on the ground

Grade 10, 11

  • Your black belt in plain sight.
  • The brown Sash Level take you further into the internal part of the IWKA System
  • With your current level of self control mentally and physically, the IWKA system takes you into the realm of the more advanced forms and and techniques

Skills Acquired

  • With the finishing of the 11th student level the student
  • Stands in front of his/her black belt
  • Has acquired more advanced skills in the internals
  • Has acquired the usage of more advanced lethal techniques
  • Gained a solid proficiency in grappling controlling, locking, and joint manipulation techniques

Grade 12

  • Congratulations ! YOU DID IT !
  • Your black belt is something you can be very proud of, that you will keep with you for the rest of your life and that no-one can ever take away from you. You earned the key to the higher internal levels of the IWKA System
  • Good understanding of the Six Core Elements

Skills Acquired

  • With the finishing of the 12th student level the student
  • The skill of handling yourself in all possible fighting ranges and situations
  • IWKA controlling and restraining fully under control
  • Excellent standard in grappling controlling & joint handling as well as basic weapon both in offence as defence
  • Leadership mindset in various aspects of life
  • Force flow handling
  • Momentum handling
  • Excellent standard in sensory motor-skills and handling of Body, Mind and Energy