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AT7 Centre 12 Bell Green Rd, , Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 7GP.

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Kids classes

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Kids Classes

We teach children aged 4 -12 years old providing them with the skills to grow their confidence, athletic ability, health with a major focus on having fun.

Just like our Adults, the Children study Wing Tjun on their road to Black Belt.

The Wing Tjun road to black belt coves 12 different modules which will rotate every 3 months. In different modules, we cover different ranges from far, medium, close, grappling, to ground skills.

Our Children also study different weapons:
Nunchuku, Escrima, Nunchuku x2, Sai x2, Broadsword, Jo Staff, Katana, Double Broadsword, Kamas

For their Black Belt, we ask them to create a 30 move form using 3 different weapons with 10 moves each.


The children start on this program which is a 2-year course taking them to the 4th Student level! They’ll learn all the basics on this course preparing them for the leadership journey and we all know it’s important to have a strong foundation.


This course will be the last stretch on the road to black belt! It’s a long and exciting journey with lots of fun stuff to learn on the way!

Benefits to studying Martial arts

    • Self Discipline
    • Improved focus
    • Setting goals
    • Team work
    • Respect
    • Being active
    • Increase Self-esteem and Confidence
    • Conflict resolution

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