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Adults classes

Adults classes

Adults classes

Adults classes start from age 13+

We have 2 different courses available which are Orientation and Leadership.


Orientation covers the 1st 4 modules on the road to black belt. This is a 1 year course and it’s perfect for those who are beginners in martial arts or someone who wants to see what Wing Tjun is about.

If you decide this course is for you then you’ll have access to a maximum of 2 classes a week at any of our Coventry schools.


¬†Leadership is where you’ll cover all 12 modules, you’ll cover different ranges through out your training which are far, medium, close, knees and elbows, grappling, throwing and ground.
Some other examples of things you will study in our lat sao (sparring) modules are weapons and multiple attackers.

This course is a 4 year journey and gives you access to 5 classes a week!

What is Wing Tjun?

Wing Tjun is a holistic system which focuses on Self defence and health.

Wing Chun doesn’t rely on strength so it big or small you can make it work for you. The more power we receive from the attacker the more of the body we use to redirect the energy.

In Wing Chun you learn to protect yourself and your family. You learn how to use your body in an efficient way to be able to deal with bigger opponents.
As well as learning to protect yourself we also focus on energy cultivation through a few exercises such as Song and Zhan Zhuang which are great for releasing unnecessary tension in the body which will also aid the martial side of your training.

Benefits of learning Wing Tjun

  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Fun Fitness
  • Improved Physical and mental health
  • Boost your Confidence
  • Improved Co-ordination and balance
  • Improved focus
  • Self Defence
  • Martial spirit

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